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Well it's been about 6 years since it all started. What a GREAT time! Loose Cannons is a community rock band formed by families in the local area. The goal of the band is to have fun and entertain the local area. Although the band make up changes occasionally, there are eight main members. Dave Hazelton (guitar, vocals), Bryan Greer (keyboard), Rob Ryden (vocals), Bekki Bakken (vocals), Dean Lindeman (drums) Becky Jokela (vocals), Matt Hazelton (bass), Ken Brown (guitar, vocals). You can view individual pictures by clicking here or clicking the "Who are Loose Cannons" at top left. To see some of the many musicians who have joined us along the way, click on "Other Loose Cannons". Thanks to all the support from our fans.

    Loose Cannons started out with just one lead singer, Bekki Bakken (then Haggstrom).  During our first year together Jessica Hazelton & Ashley Bodette sang back for Bekki. Around the time that Jessica & Ashley graduated, Rob Ryden joined the LCs after meeting Ken Brown at church. Rob quickly became an irreplaceable part of the band. About the same time Becky Jokela joined the LCs, bringing a smooth mellow voice that blends perfectly with Rob & Bekki.
    Bryan Greer joined the LCs in 2008. Bryan pounds out incredible sounds from the keyboard which allows us to play tunes we would otherwise bypass.
    The first time Loose Cannons had a horn section was Dec 6th, 2006. That night there were five in the horn section consisting of Howard Fuerst (Trumpet), Matt Hazelton (Trumpet), Dr. Richard Dirlam (Sax), Charlie Ruud (Trombone), Keith French (Trombone). Since then Keith French has become a regular part of the Loose Cannons. Early in 2007 Jim Bowen joined the LC's on Trumpet and also plays with the group regularly.
    Dave, Ken, Dean & Dana are the original members of the OFBs. We won't go in to what OFB stands for. We were just jammin' in Dave's studio when Bekki asked us to back her up for a couple tunes for the CF Hospital fund raiser known as "Celebrity Night." That was the beginning & here we are 5 years later as a group of 8 or 10 or more! These days the LCs play more fund raisers, weddings, office parties, etc.

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